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About us

Who we are

Age UK Essex is an independent local charity. We've been working in the local community to help older people for over 70 years. We have a dedicated workforce of 646 people which is made up of paid staff and volunteers who help deliver services and provide support for older people in Essex.

Our aim

At Age UK Essex we aim to promote the wellbeing of all older people in Essex and be there to support people to live fulfilling and enjoyable lives. We believe in a society in which people in later life from all communities have equal access to services, where they are free from discrimination and their human rights are promoted and protected.

We believe everyone should be who they want to be. No matter what their age.

What we do

Later life should a time of activity and engagement when we are able to carry on socialising, working and contributing to our community. But this is sadly not true for thousands of older people in Essex. There are many people in later life who are lonely and cut off from society. We want to change this.

At Age UK Essex we work hard to engage with older people and respond to their needs. Our support services reach out to those who need help and enable them to enjoy later life. Last year our Information and Advice service secured nearly £1 million of benefits for vulnerable older people while our Befriending service supported over 470 lonely people. In the community, our toenail cutters trimmed the nails on 16,733 pairs of feet to help keep people active and mobile. In total, we reached over 80,000 people including families, friends and carers.

How we are funded

With demand for our help growing, we are striving to raise income to support our services. We use the profits from our fee charging services to subsidise those that receive very limited or no external funding. We rely on the success of trust and grant applications and the continued support of our existing funders.

We also rely on you, our dedicated supporters and fundraisers, who donate your time, money and knowledge to help us raise as much money as possible.

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Age UK Essex is fundraising towards

Age UK Essex COVID-19 appeal

Help Age UK Essex minimise the devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on older people in your community - donate NOW. Our Age UK Essex team is at full stretch and needs to ramp up immediate support to combat social isolation and loneliness, provide crucial help & reassurance as well ...

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