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About us

Supporting Age UK Essex

Fundraising and donating to Age UK Essex puts money directly in the hands of a local and independent charity. Thank you for helping to change an older person's life and allowing us to continue to deliver our vital services for free.

All money raised in Essex, stays in Essex.

Who we are

Age UK Essex is an independent local charity; working in the local community to help older people for over 70 years. We have a dedicated workforce of staff and volunteers who help deliver services and provide support for older, vulnerable people in Essex.

What we do

Lots of older people are lonely and may not be able to go out very much and see family or friends. We try to help them feel better by arranging for someone to chat to them every week and be a friend to them. We also have people who can help with any questions they have about anything they are worried about and their family and friends can contact us too. We work hard to help older people feel happier and to feel more confident and independent.

We have services that older people in Essex are able to use for free.

Information and Advice

This is a free and confidential service that gives help to older people when they need it. We have a team of advisors that are able to answer lots of questions, they have lots of experience and are experts about the things that older people may worry about. Some of these concerns include: Benefits, Housing, Social Care, Legal and Bereavement.Thousands of people are in touch with our advisors every year.
This is what one older person said after contacting us: "Thank heavens for Age UK Essex. I feel like a weight is off my shoulders. Thank you so much".

Befriending service

This is a free service that helps over 400 lonely older people every year. Friendships are a big part of our lives. Sometimes when we get older it is more difficult to get out and about and we may lose touch with our friends and relatives. This can increase loneliness and make people feel more socially isolated. This is where the Age UK Essex Befriending Service can help. Just like a true friend, our volunteer befrienders will take time to listen and have a friendly chat.
This is what an older person said about the difference it has made to have a befriender: “I never realised how much I missed having someone to chat to until I met my befriender. His call is the highlight of my week.”

Gift Aid
If you’re a UK taxpayer, you can boost the amount of every donation you make by giving through Gift Aid ( there may be a link we could add here), an Income Tax relief created to help charities get the most out of the funds they receive. As Gift Aid enables the charity to recover the basic rate of tax on your donation, the scheme adds 25p to each £1 you give at no extra cost to you.


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